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Extra Gas can supply domestic properties sharing a Bulk LPG vessel through a network of pipes, much like mains gas.

It is becoming more and more common in rural housing developments for there to be one bulk storage vessel supplying a number of homes. Each home is fitted with a meter which monitors the consumption of gas much like a mains supply. With regular meter readings and automatic top up's this eliminates the need for customers having to re-order

With a change in legislation, switching your supply is now easier than ever if the following apply
  • All residents on the estate must be out of contract with the current supplier (all residents are tied in until the last contract expires)
  • All residents must agree to the switch
  • If any household signs a new agreement with the current supplier the switch cannot go ahead
  • You keep the same storage vessel 
  • A spokesperson for the residents must notify, in writing their existing supplier that they wish to chage to another provider

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