Now the Great British summer has arrived, it’s a good time to start thinking about how to keep warm when the sun does go down and it’s a little bit too cold to stay out in just your shorts and flipflops. Well LPG gas powered heaters are the answer!

However, there are so many different types of outdoor heaters that can suit any garden style and design. Here we’ll run through some of the garden heating solutions we offer at ExtraGas, along with their relative benefits, costs and what they’re generally like.

Gas Patio Heater

Probably the most traditional and popular, yet very modern-day and fashionable patio heater is the tower design. Complete with wheels to aid with movement, the slim figured tower doesn’t take up much of your outdoor space when not in use, but when turned on it’s hard to ignore the temperature that it’s capable of giving out. Wider base designed to not only help maintain the balance and add sturdiness, but as an efficient place to store the attached gas bottle – keeping it out of harms way and hiding the hose, so no need to worry about tripping over when walking close by. The 360 degree emitter aided by the heat reflector shield will ensure that no matter which side of the heater you’re based on, you will still feel the benefit of the flame, keeping you warm and toasty even when the sun is nowhere to be seen.

Available in three different colours, Black, Silver and Bronze, we have designed our very own generation of Patio Heaters, all made to a standard of excellence in which our customers can testify for. The regulator and hose are provided with this patio heater, with it more than matching the heat output of higher rated models yet has a much lower rate of gas consumption. This model of patio heater uses propane or butane gas only, which can be purchased from most garden themed stores, or for the best price, here at ExtraGas.

LeisureGaz LPG Fire Pit

Going down a different style avenue is the fire pit by LeisureGaz LPG. Rattan Style in black, this fire pit comes complete with decorative larva stones to add the authentic look, and a waterproof cover to keep it dry when not in use.

A great feature of this table styled fire pit, is that when not in use, simply add the lid and instantly turn into an outdoor dining or coffee table. The black colour scheme ensures it will suit the design of your garden, guaranteeing it to be a well-welcomed addition to the patio furniture. The body between the legs not only adds to the style of the table, but keeps the propane gas canister safe and out of eyesight, with enough room for a 6kg or 7kg cylinder.

To make this product even more appealing than it already is, there’s currently a 23% sale online on our website. Simply head there where you can find the new price and the specifications for the delightful fire pit come table – so save money whilst you upgrade your garden furniture!

Pyramid Heater

Similarly to the patio heater, we have the pyramid heater. The 360 degree variable flame may be converged within a glass tube, but that really is only for your safety, Pyramid Heaterand doesn’t tarnish the heating power that this pyramid beholds. The large 12 foot frame of the heater provides up to 45,000 BTU (almost 47.5m joules / 47,500 kilojoules), ensuring that you will undoubtedly feel the power of the flames. Also aided with wheels, the pyramid heater can be easily transported around the garden to ensure that it emits the heat wherever desired – it’s highly advised to only be moved once it’s completely turned off and cool, for obvious reasons. The push button ignition system makes it easy to start up once the Propane or Butane Gas cylinder is attached and can be easily adjusted with the variable control knob. And with the automatic tip-over shutoff valve there’s no danger of the fire spreading in case of an accident and the pyramid gets knocked over. For a full list of the specifications of the pyramid heater, such as the weight and the height, visit the product’s page online.

All of our Patio Gas Heaters are made with our loyal customers in mind, which is why they’re the best of quality and also extremely competitively priced. We also recommend you get wall clips installed and bungee-esque ropes, so when they’re not in use they can be wall mounted and really kept out of the way, giving your garden a ‘less-is-more’ design. At ExtraGas, we’re so much more than just a UK Gas provider, we have our customers in mind, and nothing brings us more joy than seeing a smile on their face!